The 8-th International Symposium IF&IGIS'17



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      Research laboratory of object-oriented geo-information systems (OOGIS RL) is an entity of St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS).

     The laboratory is headed by Professor Vasily Popovich, SPIIRAS Deputy Director for Research 

     Major activities of the laboratory incorporate:

     - Basic research;
     - Development of the base geo-information technologies;
     - Applied research (projects);
     - Innovation activities.

Joint-stock company “Hi Tech Research and Development Office Ltd. (HTR&DO)”

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      A joint-stock company “Hi Tech Research and Development Office Ltd." (HTR&DO) 
   was established for commercialization of research and technological results of the OOGIS Laboratory.
   Laboratory’s objectives regarding innovations, current state of innovation activities 
   and major innovation projects are presented on the web-site of HTR&DO.


Laboratory does basic and applied research in: 

  • Information processing in complex systems;
  • Theory and technology of Intelligent geo-information systems;
  • Management decision support systems, based on Intelligent geo-information systems;
  • Programming, modeling and computer systems.

Development of base geo-information technologies

In a course of the basic research done by the OOGIS Laboratory team some advanced geo-information technologies were developed that formed a sound basis for many applied studies aimed at specialized projects development meeting the requirements of different customers.

Applied research (projects)

Lately the OOGIS Laboratory has accomplished a number of projects and studies on the State Orders by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense (RFMD), RFMD Chief Administration of Navigation and Cartography,